Saturday, February 24, 2018

Money Tips Daily - Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

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I trust your weekend is going well? You might be staying up late and enjoying a lie-in after a tiring week, which brings me on to today’s tip, which is about energy management and sleep.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep.

Did you know that sleep deprivation could kill you faster than food starvation? People have survived without food for more than 30 days, but the longest known case of going without sleep is just 11 days. Going without sleep for 24 hours leave your mind and decision making capabilities similar to someone who is intoxicated and a day longer and you will experience an altered state of mind. 

Depriving people of sleep is a known torture and interrogation technique and there are documented cases of people have signed confessions to crimes they didn’t commit, some of whom would face the death penalty, just to get some sleep!

These are extreme examples, but we all know that when we do not get a good night’s sleep, we not only lack energy and drive, but also make poor decisions. You cannot put energy into your work or business if you are fatigued and those who try eventually burn out. 

Lack of sleep has also been linked to poor physical and mental health and weight problems.   

Most people need 7-8 hours of sleep to function normally and productively – how can you be productive and on top of your game if you’re tired? The old adage of one hour before midnight is worth two after may have some truth in it. Have you ever gone to bed late and slept in until mid-morning on weekends, yet still felt tired or experience headaches?

I know some of us, like me, are night Owls and some of us are Larks who effortlessly wake up fresh at dawn, but if you are employed and your day starts at 8.30am, you’d better get yourself into a productive routine, or change careers.

Waking up late, or pressing the snooze button for 30 minutes may make you skip breakfast or even a shower and toilet routine. 

Don’t be like the person rushing in late to work or a meeting looking dishevelled, disorganised and holding a half eaten energy bar!

You know that when you get up late, because you stayed up late and failed to prepare for the next day, you are probably going to have “one of those days”. The car won’t start or is low on fuel, traffic problems, no parking spaces, late train or forgetting that file you needed for the meeting.

Get up early enough to meditate and look forward to the day ahead, exercise or stretch, hydrate your body and eat a healthy breakfast, shower and dress for success.

There are numerous techniques and websites offering tips and advice on getting a good night’s sleep. Here’s a summary of the best tips.

Try setting a regular bedtime.

Have a wind-down time and routine where you avoid eating, drinking alcohol, watching television, news, social media or reading all the bad news in the newspaper for at least a good two to three hours before turning in.

Stick to the bedtime routine and stop watching late night movies or sport on TV. Record programmes you feel you can’t miss or watch on catch-up TV.

Enjoy some quiet time relaxing or meditating on the things you are thankful for that day, for instance. “I am grateful that my day went well and in particular I......”.

Your day begins the night before.

You could also offload things which are running around in your head about the day ahead by making a quick list or plan for the following day, and organising your things in advance.

Your bedroom should be a peaceful, clean, clutter free haven, which is ventilated and not too warm or cold. Keep the room dark and protected from light which can disturb your sleep.

Keep smart phones, laptops and TV’s switched off and away from your pillow – I know how hard it is to say goodnight to my iphone! Some experts recommend switching off the power on phones (and any electrical appliances) and using an old fashioned alarm clock to wake you up.

Try these tips for 30 days and make a note of how you feel. 

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