Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Money Tips Daily - 2 Tips to Save Money and Make Money

       Welcome to Money Tips Daily.

Today I want to give you two tips or two for the price of one!

One will save you money and the other will make you money.

The first tip is to cut down on Pay-Per-View, subscription, cable or satellite TV. A Sky TV package can cost over £80 per month or almost £1000 per year. In ten years time, your will have spent £10,000 and probably be 10 pounds heavier too!

The second tip is to stop wasting so much time in front of the TV altogether.

The average American spends 4 hours and 40 minutes slouched in front of the box every day (almost a full working week). Americans are the highest TV viewers in the world closely followed by Australians. British viewers watch TV for 24 hours a week, the equivalent of three working days! 

People are now binge watching boxed set shows and can spend a whole weekend watching a series. 

Some British workers have even admitted to calling in sick because they’ve been up all night watching a series on Netflix!

Watching television can become an addiction, just like social media, alcohol or drugs. The need for that dopamine rush is very similar.

Cutting down on the time you waste watching TV will give you so much more time to spend with family and friends, read and study, earn money online, exercise or finish that book you have been contemplating for years.
You could easily complete a university degree, or become a leading expert in your field, in the time the average person spends watching rubbish on TV.

I guarantee that this action alone will pay huge dividends in a very short space of time, but if you cancel some of those subscriptions (after all, who has time to watch hundreds of channels?) it will immediately put money back into your pocket.

Bonus Tip...Many of your favourite shows could be available free on the internet. 

Action...Review your subscriptions today and get back control of your free time.

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