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Leverage your time and learn how to start a profitable online business on a shoestring budget without a website

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Yesterday, we looked at time management and how wealthy people leverage their time. Rich Dad Poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki said “the poor work hard for their money, the rich make their money work hard for them”.

I would add, that the rich also make their time work for them too. They leverage their time and multiply their personal time and effort. 

Most people exchange their time (and life) for money, and because there are only so many hours in the day it’s very hard to build wealth or retire. For instance, my lawyer is still working 10-12 hours a day and is well into his 70’s. I know, because he used to rent an office from me and I'd see his light on late at night and weekends!

I used work for others, exchanging my life for a salary I could barely live on. After 40 years, if you’re lucky enough to work for the government or a generous employer with a final salary pension scheme, you can retire on a pension equivalent to half your salary. 

Most workers don’t even have the luxury of a decent pension scheme at all and won’t be able to afford to retire or clear their mortgage if it runs beyond 65.

I also ran businesses with staff and headaches, which almost led me to a nervous breakdown! I was overweight, unfit, tired and very stressed – I spent most of my 13 hour days shouting at people! Ok, I was making a lot of money and had a nice BMW, but never had time to enjoy either. During a 15 year period, I went through relationship problems and a divorce!

When the business started declining, due to changes outside of our control, and we had to sell the company much less then it was once worth, it was a blessing in disguise. I felt like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Now I work for myself from my home and enjoy life. I go to the gym and eat healthier, drink far less alcohol and I’ve lost 5 kilos. I feel fitter then I did 10 years ago. I don’t have staff, payroll, offices, giant photocopiers on rip-off lease contracts or invoices to pay and chase. I can travel when I like and work when it suits me.

Right now I'm writing this in the middle of the night, which I find is when I'm more creative. Fortunately, I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn and commute to work in the morning.

The economy is changing forever and it's changing fast. Earlier today, two more major high street names, Toy R Us and Maplins, went into liquidation illustrating the problems ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses are experiencing competing with online retailers like Amazon. 

Twenty years ago Toys R Us were the predators, wiping out thousands of smaller high street toy shops. Today they are the prey, unable to adapt and survive in the internet ‘dog eat dog’ business jungle.

But what has all this got to do with me you may ask? You might even be worried about your job?

Well, these changes in the economy is good news and offers huge opportunities for small and budding entrepreneurs who want to quit the 9-to-5 life. 

The internet has given you the means and tools to do things today that only big companies could do a few short years ago.

It’s not just large companies who are benefiting from the online business revolution. Millions of small traders and one-man-bands are getting in on the act and running online businesses from home using the platforms and fulfilment services provided by internet giants like Amazon and Shopify.

You don’t even need your own products or website. Like some traditional high street businesses, old style websites are becoming a thing of the past. 

When I started a business years ago, everybody said you needed to have a website, but nobody knew what to do with it or how to drive traffic to it. We spent tens of thousands of pounds and waited months to get a ‘designer’ to build a website which wasn’t even that great and never produced much business for us. 

When someone did stumble on our site, they’d have a quick look around and leave. It was a bit like somebody aimlessly walking into a shop, having a quick look around and walking out before anyone has a chance to talk to them.

I also paid a ton of money for IT and SEO consultants (don't even ask what they did), courses and bought expensive online “solutions” to make my website attract more customers, most of which brought me nothing but frustration and an empty feeling - in my wallet!

Then a new kid on the block came along 3 years ago and turned everything we thought we knew about websites on its head. He developed a simple sales funnel drag and drop ‘kit’ you can put together yourself in minutes without hiring expensive or incompetent website designers. 

What’s more, the funnel site has been tried and tested to get the results you want, rather than being a flat one dimensional brochure site or a site with a dozen different buttons and options.

If you haven’t heard the name yet, you will soon hear about a genius Russell Brunson, the founder of a ‘Clickfunnels’. Their strap line is “abandon your old website”! 

Clickfunnels is basically a series of pre-designed template pages forming a funnel, or sales process, designed to take a visitor through from landing on your page to buying, joining, subscribing or whatever you are aiming to achieve.

Like most brilliant ideas, it's simple and user friendly. Even I could use it and I grew up in an era where I only saw computers on Star Trek season 1 with Captain Kirk!

After trying Clickfunnels on a 14 day free trial I was so blown away that I am booked on Russell’s bootcamp event in Orlando this month to learn more about online marketing and meet some of the people earning millions with Clickfunnels.

This might sound complicated, but if you want to get into ANY online business, or sell physical products online, or just earn some extra cash in your spare time, I would highly recommend reading Russell’s new book,  Expert Secrets. The easy-to-read book is packed full of cutting edge guidance and information written in a simple, engaging way with real life examples and stories of how to build a following and earn money online.

Best of all, he actually gives away the book for FREE if you pay the shipping costs.
Russell has revolutionised online selling and eCommerce while helping thousands of people become financially free and quit the rat race. 

What I like about Russell is he practical and honest in the book, and explains that internet marketing is not a get rich quick scheme and not everyone makes a fortune online.

You can find out more and get a free copy of Russell’s book Expert Secrets by clicking here or cut and paste this link into your browser -

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