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Money Tips Daily - Live Long and Prosper to Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labour and Investments

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Live Long and Prosper. A long and healthy life means more time to earn and enjoy the fruits of your labour or investments. 

One way of getting your money’s worth from your lifelong private and state pensions is to outlive the actuary’s forecasts on your normal life expectancy! If you keep drawing that pension into your nineties or beyond, you’ve won!

There are many theories on how to live a long and healthy life from eating the right foods to living in Okinawa, which seems to where the average person lives to a ripe old age eating oily fish and seaweed. The problem is, most of us don’t live on an island in Japan or in mountainous regions where the air is clean and mineral rich water irrigates freshly grown vegetables!

What we can do is follow some of their habits like good diet, exercise and working beyond ‘normal’ retirement age.

The Guinness Book of Records recently awarded the title of the oldest living siblings to the Donnelly family from Armagh, Northern Ireland. The world’s oldest living sibling Family, who have a combined age of 1064, were featured in a 2017 BBC documentary, which I recommend you watch if you wanted to know the secret to living long and prospering.

The family of 12 Brothers and Sisters are all healthy and still work their fruit growing farm in Northern Ireland. One of the family, Seamus, who looks like he’s in his 60’s rather than nearing 90, believes that their secret of longevity lies in a combination of keeping active with physical work each day, not retiring and good fresh food from the local soil.

The whole family are fit and active, cheerful and have a positive outlook on life. One said they “let problems go over their shoulders” and pass away, indicating that they are not worriers or people who hold grudges or anger.

Another said, “None of the family are drinkers” and added, “I’ve watched people who retire and put their feet up fade away and die”, adding that he liked to do some physical and mental work each day to keep him sharp and give him a good appetite.

All of the boys family of originally 16 children took part in sporting activity when they were young playing Gaelic Football.

I have uncles and cousins who are also farmers from the North West of Ireland and they too have lived a long, but quite hard, life out in the open. Like the Donnelly’s, they have no notion of retiring and seem to have an inner peace, which perhaps comes from their faith.

Enjoying a Road Trip on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Coastal Trail

As a child when I visited Ireland, everyone grew their own food (before the word “organic” became fashionable) and kept cows, hens and pigs. Unfortunately, this tradition seems to be going by the wayside as the convenience of the car and supermarkets takes over. The lifestyle in Ireland is definitely led at a slower pace than in big cities, and people take time to talk to each other, but they also work very hard and endure cold wet winters.

Your health is your wealth. Health and nutrition are obviously vital to your energy levels, longevity and success. We will cover this in more detail in a future episode.

Finally, legendary British game show host and actor, Nicholas Parsons CBE, has been presenting the BBC Radio show, Just A Minute for 50 years, and is still as sharp as ever. The show holds the world record, as confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records, for the longest running show with the same presenter. 

In a recent interview celebrating the show, the remarkable Mr Parsons was asked what was his secret to how he has kept going for so long and how he remains at the top of his game hosting a demanding panel show at 94. He replied that he believes that keeping his mind sharp and learning new things every day has kept him healthy. 

Mr Parsons appears to have no intention of retiring from show business or the charity work he carries out with the Lord Taveners. He clearly loves what he’s doing.
In summary, look after your heath, don’t retire, never stop learning and keep doing something that gets you out of bed in the morning!

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