Friday, July 24, 2015

Millionaire who made an online fortune from his spare room

On a sunny July weekend in Brighton over 2000 people fill an arena to see a marketing genius who has reputedly made over £50 million from a UK home-based businesses.

Andrew Reynolds started his home-based business from his living room over 15 years ago and has gone on to make a fortune selling products through direct mail, TV shopping channels and more recently on the internet.

What's even more remarkable is that Mr Reynolds, who admits to being little known outside his own industry, has done all this with almost no employees, no fancy offices and no flying around in balloons.

The 'Entrepreneur Boot Camp' is the brainchild of Andrew Reynolds who shared the stage with a host of leading speakers on subjects ranging from social media and internet marketing, online currency trading and property investment. Entrance was free, but with a optional donation paid direct to a charity.

The audience is made up of a wide cross-section of people of all ages from budding teenage entrepreneurs to retirees looking to supplement their pensions. Some I spoke to were already in the online marketing or home based business, whilst others were complete beginners hoping to find a way out of the rat race and daily grind of work.

With Andrew Reynolds holding his Free Book

Following his hour long talk before his adoring fans, I grab a chance to meet the £50 million man and pose for a photo whilst he promotes his latest money making plan - to give away 100,000 copies of his best-selling book 'Copy This Idea' for free. Yes, that's right, he is giving away copies of a book which sells in WH Smith's for £9.99, absolutely free (apart from a small postage fee)!

Copy This Idea was the No 1 WH Smith business book and earned a place in the Sunday Times top 10 list when it was first published and is a fascinating and easy read for a business book. The book takes you though Andrew Reynolds's personal journey from attending a seminar in the U.S. to building a huge fortune in direct mail and online marketing.

The photo is taken by his personal security man, keeping a close eye on the marketing guru, who is constantly surrounded by his subjects wherever he goes in the arena.

The multi-millionaire is friendly and quite unassuming, smartly dressed in a dark blue suit and open collar sky blue shirt. We chat briefly before he is whisked away by his PA for another meeting.

Unlike some of the speakers, who came from as far afield as Ireland and America, the event organiser and main attraction, made himself available to speak to endless lines of attendees for pretty much the whole of the three day marketing extravaganza.

After giving their talk, the lineup of expert speakers offer delegates an opportunity to enroll on courses and programmes designed to them get started in the business. It's easy to get carried along by the wave of enthusiasm and I soon find myself rushing to the 'back of the room' and signing up for courses including Andrew Reynolds's own VIP Accelerator programme of learning and coaching.

So why would anyone want to give away 100,000 books, worth over a million pounds on the retail market, at enormous cost for free? The reason is simple - to build a larger customer base. If you want to find out more, order a free 'Copy This Idea and learn about the £50 million pound man for yourself. Click HERE for more information. 

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