Sunday, April 29, 2018

Shopping Trends Change And Supermarkets Merge As UK Economy Slows

As we hear that Sainsbury’s is planning to merge with Asda, we know that shopping trends are changing.

Two thirds of shoppers now visit the supermarket more than once a day. People are buying smaller amounts from discount stores rather than doing major shops at out of town superstores.

At one time it looked like the huge out-of-town superstores would take over the world. Now they have been hit by smaller supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi, as well as online providers like Amazon Prime with free deliveries of fresh food.

More mini supermarket are being opened by the large chains, which is squeezing the little guys with the corner shop that used to be the only shop open late at night – now many supermarkets open 24 hours a day. 

Online shopping is obviously accounting for much of what we do nowadays, which is why Sainsburies bought Argos.

Asda’s owner Walmart, still the largest retailer in the world, seems to have lost interest in the UK and has bigger fish to fry to protect its market from online retailers such as Amazon and Alibaba. Amazon’s owner Jeff Bezos and Alibaba’s Jack Ma are two of the richest men on earth, so shopping habits are definitely changing.

In other financial news, the UK economy’s growth rate has slowed in the last quarter to, however, your economy is run by you, not the government. Growth, GDP, inflation.

Focus on your own business and on your self development and career, not the world economy, which will always be fluctuating!

You can get in on the online revolution quicker and cheaper than ever before. You don't need a fancy website, you don't need your own product or a garage full of stock and you don't need a huge budget. What you DO need is some training and knowhow, focus and persistence!

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