Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Your Health Is Your Real Wealth, So If You Want To Be Truly Rich, Keep Fit

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We know that we need good health to enjoy happy and fulfilled life, but do we need to be fit and healthy in order to become successful or wealthy?

Whilst there are always exceptions to the rule, 95% of successful people I have met and observed over the last 30 years in business have all kept fit and looked after their health.

The other 5% are invariably either burned-out, had a heart attack or are sadly no longer with us.

If you think of the wealthy and successful people you know, you generally find that they do something to keep themselves fit. It could be golf, going to the gym, swimming, hiking or playing a sport.

They are active physically and mentally, and often do something for their community.

I personally know several multi-millionaires who volunteer, give their time and donate their money to charitable causes and service clubs like Rotary.

Unfortunately, people at the lower end of the pay scale are more likely to be obese and suffer from more health problems, even though it costs nothing to take a 30 minute walk and less money to give up smoking and drinking. We know this from studies done in poorer parts of the country.

You might say, “well it’s alright for the rich, they have the time and money to go to the gym, hire personal trainers and pamper themselves”. But I would say the opposite is true. 

Wealthy people who run businesses have less time. They have hectic schedules and work longer hours than the average person, just like I did when I did when I was in business. They have the same problems as the rest of us, but the difference is they manage their time and life.

Saying that you have no time to take part in physical activity is just as illogical as saying you have no time to eat or sleep. In other words, it’s a false economy and you will end up paying the ultimate price. In all of the above cases you will eventually get sick, burn out or die.

Make the time to do at least 30 minutes a day of some physical activity which increases your heart rate or makes you sweat. If you make the time to do this you will find that you have more time and energy to do the other things in your life.

You have to move to groove! 

It takes a lot of energy and focus to be successful in any endeavour, so build up your store of energy by eating the right foods, getting a good night's sleep and exercising.

I was guilty of neglecting my health when I was running a business. I stopped exercising and eating properly and justified my behaviour by convincing myself that I was so busy with important work. But what’s more important than your health?

  I now MAKE time to go to the gym or exercise

Eating late at night with a glass of wine, or two, didn’t help either. Over time, I started to put on weight and my clothes mysteriously started to shrink! I became less fit and had less energy to cope with the trials of the day.

How can you be motivated when your body feels tired or unhealthy? You can look in the mirror and try and convince yourself with affirmations like "I feel terrific", but if your body is answering you back with "I feel like crap", you're not fooling anyone!

Eventually, I saw that what I was doing was foolish and changed my habits. It takes at least 4 - 6 weeks to change a habit by daily actions, but after that it becomes easier.

I now MAKE time to go to the gym and whenever possible I walk and climb stairs rather than taking the lift. I have also cut back on drinking and try to eat a balanced diet.

As a result, I’ve lost around 5 kilos; I feel a lot more energetic and can even get back into my old Levis again!

And when I feel better, guess what? I have more motivation to do the things I want to do and finish those ‘projects’ we all have, like my forthcoming book, Yes, Money Can Buy You Happiness, which will be published soon after many years as a 'work in progress'.  

Your health is your real wealth, don’t neglect it, because when it’s gone you seldom get it back.

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