Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Rich Don't Need You To Be Poor For Them To Be Rich

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The rich don't need you to be poor for them to be rich. There is not a finite amount of money to go round because wealth and economies expand. Henry Ford understood this 100 years ago when he mass-produced (using assembly lines and division of labour methods) the famous low-priced model T Ford – the car for ordinary people.

People from all over America and Europe flocked to Detroit to work for Ford because he paid his factory workers very high wages, thus creating a middle class of people that could afford to buy his cars. 

Ford, who left school at 14, famously said that his customers could have the car in any colour they wanted, as long as it’s black!

Entrepreneurs like Ford helped make the U.S. the world’s largest economy, and it still is today, closely followed by China!

We are now living in a technological, rather than an industrial revolution and entering a new digital age. Twenty five years ago, did we all have mobile phones and laptops? No, as these were expensive luxury items.

Today almost everybody has a mobile phone, or smart phone, a tablet and laptop. Our monthly mobile phone bill is more than we used to pay every quarter for a landline. 

Where did all this extra money come from to pay for all this stuff? The answer is the economy has expanded and people today have higher living standards and more things then we have ever had.

The availability of credit and innovative leasing schemes plays its part of course, but mass production brings down the cost of luxury items making them available to everyone, just like it did in Henry Ford’s day when only the rich could afford a car. 

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs didn't need us to become poor in order for them to get rich. In fact, they enriched our lives, created wealth, employment and thousands of millionaires.

The wealthy are often referred to as "greedy" or "fat cat businessmen" who should pay "their fair share", when the top earners and companies actually pay most of the taxes the government receives.

I'm telling you this because there is an abundance of money in the world and for those that provide value and service to the marketplace. The rich are not taking your slice of the cake, they are creating their own bigger cake, and you can do the same.

The store with no name

Talking about the late Steve Jobs, I was in a London shopping mall today and visited an Apple store. It was packed with fans, and especial families and young kids on mini iPads having fun and joining tutorials. Which computers and phones do you think these kids are going to buy when they get older?

It reminded me of how MacDonald's took over inexpensive kids birthday parties and created a generation of people who had a warm fuzzy feeling whenever the passed by one of their restaurants.

Apple are so confident of their brand they don’t even put a sign on the front of the store, just a discreet logo on the side.

Nowadays, iPhones and other smart phones are even used in third world countries, where they don't even have a full network coverage of landlines.

We can literally run our lives and businesses from our smart phones, access the web, write a book and we have more songs at our finger tips then we ever did in a record and CD collection!

I’ll be giving you some tips on how to save data usage and money, so keep tuning into Money Tips Daily.

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