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7 Steps to Making Money Online with Amazon

The 7 Step process to start making money online with Amazon

Work from home and quit the rat race.

Most people don't realise how simple and easy it is to make money online. They think you need an expensive website, technical knowledge and expertise and loads of money to pay for traffic of SEO. All of this is rubbish, and I'll prove it to you.

Ok, here's a simple 7-step process for making money online with Amazon without building a website:
  1. Download the Amazon Seller App on your smart phone for easy use
  2. Register an account to set up your online Amazon home-based business
  3. Scan the bar code on your old books, DVD's and CD's using the app feature your phone
  4. Check selling prices for the products to see if there is a demand
  5. List the item for sale on Amazon at a competitive price
  6. Ship or post the item when you receive an order
  7. Find more stuff to sell.
Yes, it's that simple! Sure, there's a lot more to learn about Amazon and the strategies to maximise your profits, but this will get you up and running and produce cash. Will it make you a fortune? Probably not unless you scale it up and add more products, But it will change your mindset, open or awaken your mind and give you valuable experience in making money online - without your own website, technical knowledge or paid SEO.

Amazon,com is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization, and its U.S. website alone attracts over 100 million visitors a month. The company wants to DOUBLE its business in the next year and is investing billions in warehouses, drones delivery technology and Prime membership services offering same day delivery and even delivery within an hour in certain areas!

And that's not all...Amazon needs retailers, sellers and products to achieve aggressive growth targets and will help you build your business; For instance:
  • Amazon provides the website for you to list your products
  • Amazon can warehouse and ship your products without the need for you to handle them
  • Amazon IT engineers provide the technical platform and support.
  • Amazon has millions of buyers searching for products and all the SEO in the world will not get your own website anywhere near this level of Google ranking and traffic.
Selling stuff on Amazon is just one internet marketing strategy for making money online. Some people swear by it and are making millions right now. However, to make serious cash and build a sustainable home based business online you need to take a few more steps. This is a business, and if you treat it like a business it will pay you like a business. Treat it like a hobby and it will cost you like a hobby.

When selling low-ticket value items, you need to sell a lot of products to make big money on Amazon. Competition also drives margins down so the right product, pricing and marketing is crucial to your success.

Work from anywhere in the world.

White Label products sold on Amazon

White labelling is a process where you have have your own or idea product manufactured and place your own unique label or wrapper on that product. This requires a bit more effort and creativity, as you will need to research the product and manufacturers, as well as the popularity on Amazon. Fortunately, Amazon publish figures, such as 'sales rank' to help you decide whether or not to list an item.

Using an established marketplace and platform has obvious advantages compared to setting up your mown website - traffic being one exaaple! One drawback, is that your online business will be effectively controlled by Amazon/Facebook/Groupon, and they has the power to shut you down if you step of of line.

If your whole online business and marketing strategy is based on one platform, whether it be Amazon, Facebook or YouTube, you run the risk of losing all your 'eggs' overnight if anything goes wrong. This happened to me a few years ago when Google changed their algorithms (I still don't know what they are!) and my business halved overnight. Fortunately, I had a physical training company and was not dependant on Google.

If you want to control your own destiny, the only way is to create your own brand and product, such as a ebook or a digital training programme, which you can market online yourself and through platforms like Amazon or Clickbank. Authors and speakers like Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracey and Dr Joe Vitale have built their own brands by publishing multiple books, audios and courses. Whilst they sell their products on Amazon, they are not dependant on Amazon. They ARE the brand and will thrive with or without vehicles like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon and so on, but obviously make a lot of money using them.

With Brian Tracey in California at a Jim Rohn Weekend event

For instance, over the years I have bought a number Brian, Robert's and Joe's books and audios and attended a Jim Rohn live event in California where Brian was speaking. I have had the privilege of meeting Robert Kiyosaki and Brian Tracey. I have purchased some of their products directly from the authors, some through Amazon and Audible (part of Amazon and well worth joining) and some through Nightingale Conant, which has published thousands of audios over 50 years.

I first saw Dr Joe Vitale featured in the movie The Secret. Then I bought one of his audios using my Audible subscription credits, which allows me to purchase audios for a small monthly fee - great value and I recommend joining. I like listening to audio books and courses on my iphone whilst driving or going to the gym.

I became more interested in his teachings on the laws of attraction and ended up subscribing to Joe Vitale's Awakened Millionaire course, which is takes you through a series of lessons using Joe on video and hypnotic, subliminal techniques to speak to your subconscious mind directly.

Joe has published over 50 physical books, speaks all over the world and is an authority on hypnosis. He also makes a fortune online, which he teaches in some of his programmes. If you would like more information on the work of Joe Vitale, Click Here!

If you are serious about becoming an internet entrepreneur and building a long term home-based business which will make you money online for years to come, then you should invest in some good training.

You can learn how to make money online, online! There some great courses which you can take from the comfort of your own home and watch again and again until the message sinks in. You can truly learn how to live a laptop lifestyle and quit the rat race.

If you would like more information on a complimentary course, held in the UK, on how to make money on Amazon? I have a limited number of tickets to an event which could change your life - email me for details together with your first and last name and telephone number.

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