Thursday, September 22, 2016

1.5 million work in UK digital economy, but are you ready for the next economic revolution?

More than 1.5 million people now work in UK digital economy, the BBC reports. However, with more tech start-up companies forming all over the country, a House of Commons report warns that 12.6 million adults lack basic digital skills, while 5.8 million have never used the internet at all.

The report by the Commons Science and Technology Committee found that:

  • 22% of IT equipment in schools is ineffective
  • Just 35% of computer science teachers had a relevant qualification
  • Only 70% of the required number of computer science teachers have been recruited
  • The UK needs another 745,000 workers with digital skills by 2017
  • 90% of jobs require digital skills to some degree
  • Skills gap costs economy around £63bn a year in lost income

The authors are calling on the government to formulate a digital strategy as a matter of urgency and businesses to invest more and better training at all levels of education.

"The UK leads Europe on tech, but we need to take concerted action to avoid falling behind. We need to make sure tomorrow's workforce is leaving school or university with the digital skills that employers need," the committee's chairwoman, Nicole Blackwood, said.

A government spokesperson replied: "This government recognises the crucial role digital skills play in our society and economy. Our Digital Strategy, to be published shortly, will set out how we will help employers and individuals access the tools they need to power our digital economy.

"This will make sure we are well placed to remain a tech leader in Europe. We will consider the Select Committee's report and respond in due course," they added.

Digital skill

The Science and Technology Committee said that whilst there is no single definition, a digital skill is understood to be the ability to use computers and digital devices to access the internet, the ability to code or create software and the ability to critically evaluate media, and "to navigate knowingly through the negative and positive elements of online activity and make informed choices about the content and services they use". Source: BBC News.

The report confirms my belief that millions of people are sleep walking into the next economic age, the digital age, total unprepared for the seismic change which will replace hundreds of millions of jobs in western countries like the UK, U.S., Canada and Australia.

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How to survive the digital revolution

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