Saturday, July 2, 2016

How to make money online and retire rich

We have all had the emails promising that you can 'retire young and rich' by buying the latest 'secret' or make 'tons of money' with no work.

You know what I mean, a 'once only' offer that will expire in a few hours, and the price is reduced if you buy today for a variety of amounts all ending with the figure .97! Apparently, we are more likely to but something if the price ends with '.97' - $29.97 or $47.97. And who are they fooling when they hire a big house (with no personal effects) and a Ferrari for the day and pretend they own them?

If you bought the product blindly, you were probably disappointed when you clicked the 'buy now' button only to find it was some useless course or complicated software that failed to bring in an 'avalanche of income' - either because it never worked or you did not understood how to use it?

Over the years I have researched and tried a number of different online affiliate marketing programs (selling other people's products for a commission) and courses with varying degrees of success. I had made money from the internet, but never quite found the company or product that could help me earn money while I slept or live the 'digital laptop lifestyle' lying on a beach - having said that, I can't read the screen in bright sunshine!

Yes, I'd made some money, but many of the methods I used 5 years ago were no longer bringing in the same results. Things move fast, technology changes, so I needed to upgrade my skills and knowledge. To be truthful, at this point I was beginning to wonder if it was really possible to earn a living and 'retire' though online marketing or low commission affiliate schemes like Amazon.

Then one evening I saw an ad on Facebook posted by a group of young Australian kids who were 'living the dream' on a beach in the Philippines. Having spent a lot of time in the Philippines over the years (recruiting Filipino nurses), the content caught my eye.

What interested me most was the fact that they were offering something of real value without asking me for any money upfront or credit card details. Not just some cheap ebook, but a free online 7 Day Video Course showing you how to earn money on the internet with no strings attached. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I thought why it a try?

After giving my email address to access the course I immediately started watching the professionally made videos and soaking up the easy-to-read content packed with money making ideas. Although sceptical at first (based on past experience) I had, to admit that I was amazed by the amount of valuable information freely given. I could see exactly where I had been going wrong and what to do about it in order to get out of the rat race and retire through internet marketing.

So can you really make a living or retire through online or internet marketing working from a home-based business?

Having doubted this, I am now convinced that you can work from home and make money online provided you have the right internet training and support and real products of value to market. If you try tinker at it on your own you will reduce your chances of making enough money to quit your job and living the life you really want. Nearly all businesses use the internet these days, so it's not some obscure idea. The internet boom is only just starting, according to the experts, and we can all ride the next wave.

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